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What a Detox Diet Entails

Frequent consumption of spicy and heavy foods compromises the digestive health and renders one more vulnerable to intestinal disorders. The system gets toxic, a result of the production of free radicals and gases inside the body. Hence, there is a need to detoxify the body from such harmful materials through observation of a detox diet within a certain period. It is possible to flush toxins out of your body by taking a diet containing sufficient vegetables and fruits.

Detox Diet Plan

Knowledge on the advantages of detox diets is useful and you’ll get encouraged to continue following your natural diet for a moment. It is impossible to jump into this plan straight away by scarifying some of your favorite foods. Wait for 3 or more days to be acquainted with these foods and then you’ll find the difference enjoyable. Make a plan with a goal well in advance and then observe a diet which suits your system. Go for foods which detoxify the body. Here are some tips on a detox diet.

Fruit Diet

Citrus fruits are the most efficient detoxifying agents hence feature in a detox diet. Take watery and citrus fruits constantly for 2 days. Begin your days with a glass containing fresh lemon juice which is stirred with honey. You may add crushed holy basil leaves inside it. Wait for an hour and then take a dish containing varied vegetables mixed with some citrus fruits. The plate will have cucumber, broccoli, melons and oranges among others. Eat to your satisfaction. Take a light water-based soup during lunchtime. Take pineapple and apple slices during the afternoon. Vegetable or fruit salad is preferable at dinner time. During the two days, you need to restrict yourself against drinking aerated drinks, canned juices or fast foods. Take green tea. Alongside these, take 3 or more liters of warm water daily.

Juice Diet

A naturally occurring detox diet constituting vegetable juices and fresh fruits effectively eliminates harmful toxins found in the body. Juice made using sweet lime, pineapple, watermelon, grapes and oranges contain minerals and antitoxins. Take a liquid diet for three days and then note the difference. Vegetables such as spinach and yam serve as wonderful detoxifying agents. Juices may also prevent unnecessary weight gain. Take juices in their natural form. A glass containing fresh mixed juice plus a plate full of boiled vegetables remains the best way to begin the day while under this diet. You have the option of alternating the lunch menu by drinking vegetable juices and eating fruit salads. Eat a mixture of carrot salad with peaches, pineapples, pomegranates, berries or pears during dinner.

Soup Diet

Soups are necessary in keeping you full the whole day. Consider soup recipes which require no addition of spices. Boil the vegetables and then add pepper and salt. Drink while warm without garnishing using butter or cheese. Take soups for a two-day period alongside plenty of fruits and water. To vary the flavor and taste, stir in coconut milk. Eat buttermilk or yogurt as you follow soup diets. You may sauté the vegetables in olive oil.

Paresh Doshi in India Highly Specialized Deep Brain Stimulation Surgeon

Parkinson disease is a neurodegenerative disorder which gradually affects a person ‘s ability to walk, talk, and think and other behavioral aspects of a person ‘s personality. Much as we would like to trust, there ‘s no definite treatment for Parkinson’s even though medicines, surgical procedure, therapy and many others had been known to help sufferers a great deal 

How is deep brain simulation technique performed in India? 

Deep mind simulation method or DBS is one such technique which is known to be very effective in easing the signs and symptoms. This procedure is now widely available in hospitals across India. It is highly sensitive and a critical procedure that involves the placement of electrodes within specific areas of the brain that trigger symptoms associated with the motor disorder. Consequently this procedure must be performed only by a best a skilled and skilled surgeon. India is known for its brigade of enormously qualified neuro surgeons who’re mostly knowledgeable from the best universities in the world. 

What does DBS experience like when the device is on? 

During the initial programming, individuals may experience a slight, temporary shock or tingling as placement and levels are adjusted. Identifying the best placement and level permits you to receive the greatest advantage possible primarily based on your specific circumstance and needs. 

Deep brain stimulation Parkinson ‘s success rate

  • research report that DBS can reduce off -intervals PD signs and symptoms by 60%
  • By reducing the need of medication, DBS rapidly decreases medication-induced dyskinesia by 60 to 80% and improves quality of life in people 
    with advanced PD.
  • DBS motor advantages were said to remain clinically evident for as long as 10 years.

Deep brain stimulation surgery in India 

Deep mind stimulation in India is a very popular procedure amount the tourist, especially from US, UK, Canada because of the following reasons:

  • Best neurology hospitals in India have world class dedicated neurosurgery centers with centers of specialization for movement disorders and 
    other neurological disorders.
  • Exceedingly specialised team of professionals including movement disorder neurologists, neuroradiologists, top neurosurgeons in India and 
    other specialists design the treatment providing high quality care.
  • The most advanced technology like brain suite, biplane neuroendovascular angiography, synergy S Linac System, S-7 navigation system, 
    endoscopic neurosurgery theatre, 3 Tesla MRI, 256 slice CT scan, PET scan is available at the best hospitals in India
  • The cost of surgery in India is much affordable as compared to the cost of same surgery in Western countries

Deep brain stimulation treatment care by Dr Paresh Doshi in India 

Dr Paresh Doshi is best doctor for Parkinson disease in India at Jaslok Mumbai. He is also a visiting consultant at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai and Apollo General Hospital, Chennai. He has several firsts to his credit, from the first deep brain stimulation surgery in India, to operating the youngest and oldest patients in the world. He was the first neurosurgeon to perform surgical procedure for depression in Asian-Australian subcontinents. Jaslok hospital has the largest series of DBS procedure in South Asia. He has recently published the first series (in the world) of DBS in patients of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). Up till now, he has performed more than 450 DBS procedures and the largest spectrum of functional neurosurgical procedures with excellent results. He introduced DBS as an “asleep” procedure, making the surgery more comfortable and more precise. This means faster surgical treatment, fewer overnights in the hospital ,lower risk, increased patient comfort and better outcomes. 

How to get in touch with Dr Paresh Doshi 

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